Church Checkup: How To Encourage Your Congregation To Be Seekers Of Christ

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When it comes to leading a church, you want your congregation to be active seekers of Christ more than anything. A congregation of believers who are not seeking Christ is less likely to make an impact on the local community or be effective in encouraging others to have a relationship with Christ. A body of believers that consists of members and attendees who are actively engaged in seeking Christ in their own lives is the foundation of a healthy and flourishing church.

Discuss what it means to actively seek Christ

Make sure your congregation understands what it means to be a seeker of Christ. Discuss how being a Christ seeker is much more than attending a weekend church service. Discuss how a person who is actively seeking Christ is one who strives to grow in their walk of faith by pursuing spiritual disciplines on a consistent and daily basis.

Vital spiritual disciplines include prayer, scripture reading, Bible study, and serving others. Instilling the importance of daily disciplines in your congregation is important for keeping believers growing rather than becoming stagnant in their faith.

Have them do a heart checkup

If someone has no desire to actively seek a deeper relationship with Christ, it may be a sign they need to reevaluate their heart to see if they are a true follower of Christ. Feeling a passion to grow nearer to God is the hallmark of a Christ seeker. Those who lack this passion should meet with their church leaders to discuss if they are truly sincere in their beliefs.

Offer discipleship classes

For new converts to the faith, knowing what to do next can be confusing if there is nobody to mentor them or if they do not have classes available to teach them the basics of being a follower of Christ. Offering discipleship classes is a great way to teach those new to the faith how to be diligent Christ seekers. Discipleship classes are also great for those who feel stagnant in their faith and need to explore the basic principles of a faithful life.

 A congregation that is excited about seeking Christ will have a huge impact on local community outreach and other forms of ministry, such as missions and youth programs. Encouraging members of your congregation to be active Christ seekers is an effective way to make sure they are growing in their faith, which in turn will strengthen your church body to do the vital work of reaching the lost with the gospel message.

Contact a local ministry to learn more about helping others become seekers of Christ