Here Is The Church, Here Are The People: Becoming An Effective Spiritual Leader

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As the spiritual leader of your church, you may sometimes wonder how to better reach your congregants. After all, your sermons and presence are a way for those within the church to better understand and hear God's message. Luckily, there are some very simple ways you can accomplish this. Read on for three ways to become a more effective spiritual leader. 

Be Approachable

When thinking of what qualities an effective leader has, many may not consider approachability as a factor. While some positions of leadership can go without this element, such as in a business setting, the role of a spiritual leader is more intimate. Open your heart and arms to your congregation by listening to their needs, concerns, and answering their questions. You want your congregation to feel like as much of a family as possible and encourage a sense of trust within its members. Some easy ways to become more approachable are to take time to listen to those around you, greet others with a warm smile, and sincerely thank them for their place in the church. 

Walk the Talk

If you want to be an effective spiritual leader, you'll need to prove yourself as a walking example. Aspire to be of godly character in all that you do. How you treat those around you, the time you spend with your family, and what you prioritize in your life will all be opportunities to prove yourself to really walk the talk. When giving a sermon on the importance of studying God's word daily, you cannot lead with genuine intent if you yourself have been falling short of studying scriptures regularly. Likewise, those who constantly fight with their spouses cannot lead a sermon on how to gently resolve conflict within a marriage. Aspire to walk the talk as much as possible to be a shining example of how God has transformed your own life. 

Admit Your Faults

While being of godly character is definitely something you should aspire to, this doesn't go without saying that you're still human and have faults. Be open with your congregation and share your struggles as you navigate life. If you have fallen short as a spiritual leader, be transparent with this as well. This willingness to share your own struggles will lend a great deal of credibility to you as a spiritual leader and allow your congregation to better know you as a person. If needed, ask your congregation for forgiveness of your transgressions and encourage others to do the same if they are experiencing similar circumstances.  

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