3 Reasons To Attend Spiritual Counseling

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Taking care of your mental health by seeing a counselor is a great thing to do. What you may not know is that psychological counseling can be combined with a spiritual approach. Seeing a spiritual counselor means both your mental health and your spiritual needs will be addressed in a cohesive way. The spiritual counseling approach can help you achieve a greater level of contentment than counseling alone, for these reasons:

Spiritual Counseling Can Help During Spiritual Transitions

A major reason people seek spiritual counseling is to help them navigate spiritual transitions. For example, perhaps you were raised in one religion but, as an adult, you would like to explore other faiths and types of church. Or maybe you are going through a period of skepticism and questioning and would like someone to help you process your doubts without harsh judgment. A spiritual counselor will help you find the path that feels truest to you.

Spiritual Counseling Works for Any Religion

Spiritual counseling is often offered at Christian churches, but there are spiritual counselors who come from and understand a variety of religious backgrounds. In some cases, you may find that a spiritual counselor from a non-denominational, less religious perspective is the best fit. In other cases, if your specific faith is very important to you, you will want to find a counselor who is a part of your faith tradition and can connect with you on that level.

Spiritual Counseling May Accelerate Your Mental Health Gains

In addition to helping you deepen your spiritual faith and answer your spirituality questions, spiritual counseling can also significantly boost your mental health. Studies have repeatedly shown that including spirituality in your life leads to greater inner peace and contentment while helping to reduce the effects of anxiety and stress.

To maximize these effects, it's best for your spiritual counselor to complement their spiritual guidance with more typical psychotherapy treatment, such as talk therapy or trauma therapy. It might make sense to look at spiritual counseling as a complement to other forms of mental health treatment, rather than a replacement.

As you can see, seeing a spiritual counselor can have a positive impact on your mental well-being while also helping you find spiritual guidance. Like with other forms of counseling, it's best to start off with a free consultation to ensure your spiritual counselor is a good match for you. 

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