Get Involved In These Christmas Church Activities

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Many people enjoy attending church services around Christmas; if you attend church regularly, you can often expect to see new people around you in the weeks leading up to this December holiday. While going to church around Christmas can be an opportunity to reflect, you might also like the idea of getting involved in activities that extend beyond the services themselves. Talk to some other church members or read the message board in the building's lobby to learn more about upcoming events. Often, churches will be involved in various activities in the community — and you may wish to lend your time to one or more of them. Here are some options.

Christmas Parade

Lots of communities have Christmas parades early in the Christmas season as a way of creating a festive feel for local residents. It's common for churches to enter these parades, often decorating a large vehicle or trailer with Christmas-themed accents. You may have an opportunity to get involved in the parade in one or more ways. For example, you might be able to help decorate the vehicle, and you may even have the chance to ride in the vehicle or walk behind it and distribute candy and literature about your church to people along the parade route.


A lot of churches put on caroling performances in their communities, offering cheer and uplifting messages for people. Different churches often take different approaches to caroling. For example, some will gather in common areas such as outside of local stores, while others will walk through neighborhoods and sing Christmas carols for residents who step out onto their porches to listen. Caroling often provides churches with an opportunity to raise funds for their programming, as local residents will often make donations after each carol. If you enjoy singing in a group, this activity may appeal to you.


It's also common for churches to put on Christmas pageants for their members and for local people in the community. If you enjoy the challenge of acting, you may wish to get involved by being a member of the cast. For those who aren't comfortable on stage, there are many other ways to contribute. For example, you might wish to help sew costumes or build the set if you're competent in these areas. On the day of the pageant, you may be able to help by running the sound system or controlling the lights. Getting involved in each of these activities can help to bring cheer to the community at this special time of the year, as well as be enriching for you.