4 Types Of Messages That Speakers Can Give At Religious Conferences

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Daily life can make it hard to focus on one's spirituality, even for people who value it highly. Fortunately, religious conferences can be an excellent place for people to refresh themselves. If you're planning to host or facilitate a religious conference, you'll need to gather speakers for the event. When choosing a speaker, you should consider the type of messages you want to send to conference attendees. Here are four types of messages that speakers can give at religious conferences:

1. Inspirational

Inspirational speeches can give people the mental and emotional boost they need in their daily lives. Inspirational speeches are designed to remind people about the ways that spirituality can help them be better, kinder, and happier people. Some inspirational speakers talk about overcoming challenges in their own lives, which can help the audience realize that they can do the same. Other speakers discuss the ways that listeners can benefit from accepting the all-encompassing love of God. Conference attendees will walk away from inspirational speeches feeling ready to tackle the challenges that life sends their way.

2. Informative

Other messages are designed to convey information. The spiritual life can be confusing at times, especially for people who are new to their faith. During an informative speech, a religious conference speaker can help people better understand their religion. Informative speeches usually focus on a specific topic with the goal of elucidating it for listeners.

3. Scholarly

Some religious conferences are geared toward academics and scholars rather than laypeople. If you're hosting a scholarly conference, you will want to look for religious speakers with the right credentials. People who have attended seminary school and those who are actively engaged in spiritual work are usually a good choice. A scholarly speech will usually heavily reference reputable sources and spiritual books. This type of speech often includes scholarly spiritual terms and assumes that the audience already has a certain level of knowledge.

4. Call To Action

Finally, some conference speeches are designed to be a call to action for listeners. These speeches are often given by people who are involved in outreach and ministry work. People who feed the needy, educate children, and spread the good news of the gospel may give this type of speech to encourage listeners to get involved. The Bible says that performing good works is an important part of the Christian life. If you'd like to help your conference attendees engage in acts of charity, inviting a speaker to give a call to action speech is a great way to do so. 

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